Photo by Derek Scearce

My name is Matt Laskowski, also known as "fox-orian" around parts of the internet. That on my leg is my pet bunny. His name is Pop-tart. Say hello to Pop-tart.

I'm a professional illustrator and designer living in Boston, MA. I went to the Art Institute of Boston (AIB) from 2005-2009 studying digital media in illustration, though most of my abilities are largely self-taught. I pursue a multi-faceted creative lifestyle. Drawing, storytelling, a little design and photography along the way, if it's something that will help me create, I make time to learn it and grow.

I'm inspired by architecture, man-made things, science, technology, and space.
I'm the kind of guy who will stop and stare at particular things around the city.
Things that resonate with me. Things that no one else ever seems to notice.

Really! Feel free to email me at matt(at) with any of your questions (or, potential offers!)

(Due to a crazy amount of spam sent to my email from bots, I've had to remove the contact form that used to be here.
Please email me using your client of choice, thanks!)